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I Media3 Network is the top best Google / Facebook Ads Company in Delhi / NCR, is swiftly positioning itself among the elite echelons of India’s premier Search Engine Marketing firms, with commendable achievements extending even beyond national borders. The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising strategy, a cornerstone of our services, ensures swift and favorable outcomes by seamlessly driving traffic to your website. Renowned for its simplicity and effectiveness, PPC is not only rapid but also highly cost-effective, catering to businesses of all sizes with uniform affordability. Backed by our robust professional infrastructure, bolstered by Google AdWords certification, we pave the way for businesses to scale new heights. 

At I Media3 Network, Delhi, we offer bespoke marketing solutions tailored for the optimal growth of your enterprise. Our comprehensive suite of internet solutions empowers entrepreneurs to bolster their marketing and sales volumes, liberating their bandwidth to focus on core tasks while we channel incoming traffic to their websites. I Media3 Network stands as a one-stop destination for all your Internet Marketing requisites, ensuring that your SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns are orchestrated to perfection, facilitating informed decision-making through precise and timely reporting. Our adept PPC professionals spearhead powerful campaigns, ensuring that you don’t just participate in the digital marketing revolution but lead it.

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The meticulous process of devising a PPC strategy unfolds under distinct phases encompassing planning, implementation, and analysis.


The groundwork for an effective PPC strategy commences with thorough analysis, serving as the bedrock upon which progress is measured, constituting the cornerstone of the planning phase. The subsequent steps include:

Defining Business Objectives and Campaign Model Management
Extensive Keyword Research utilizing Excel Sheets
Analysis of Bid Rates via Excel Sheets
Monthly Budget Recommendations in Doc Reports
Structuring Campaigns using Excel Sheets
Landing Page Analysis for 5 Landing Pages via Excel Sheets
Creation of Ads for 5 Ad Groups (6 per Ad Group)

Campaign Setup:

Setting up campaigns within Google AdWords, accompanied by comprehensive documentation reports, and configuring conversion tracking form the nucleus of this phase.

Testing Phase:

Thorough testing is conducted to assess the efficacy of various elements such as ads, keywords, ad ranks, and conversions.

Result Testing:

Split Testing of Ads, Keywords, and Ad Ranks via Excel Sheets
Rigorous Conversion Testing
Monthly PPC Campaign Management

Benefits of PPC:

Ideal for Short-Term Advertising Needs
Instantaneous Traffic Generation
Empowers You with Absolute Control over Ranking Positions
Incredibly Flexible with Targeting Options
Immediate Return on Investment (ROI)
PPC campaigns represent a potent avenue for attracting traffic to your site with minimal entry costs and robust ROI potential. At Info Media3, we offer cost-effective PPC services leveraging platforms such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. Our services encompass a gamut of tasks including keyword analysis, ad copywriting, search engine submission, and bid monitoring.

I Media3 Network, Delhi, a preeminent website development entity, caters to the diverse needs of commercial ventures, offering unparalleled digital marketing and web development prowess.

Expanding the Horizon of I Media3 Network: A Journey Towards Digital Eminence

In the bustling city of Delhi, amidst the cacophony of urban life, there exists a beacon of digital prowess – I Media3 Network. Established with a vision to revolutionize the digital marketing landscape, I Media3 Network has embarked on a journey towards unparalleled excellence, carving a niche for itself in the ever-evolving realm of online marketing.

At the heart of I Media3 Network’s success lies a relentless commitment to innovation, fueled by a passion for delivering tangible results to clients. Unlike conventional marketing agencies, I Media3 Network operates at the intersection of creativity and technology, harnessing the power of digital platforms to amplify brands’ voices and foster meaningful connections with their target audiences.

A Testament to Excellence: The Rise of I Media3 Network
Founded on the principles of integrity, transparency, and excellence, I Media3 Network quickly gained recognition as a trailblazer in the digital marketing industry. Through a combination of strategic thinking, data-driven insights, and unparalleled expertise, I Media3 Network has earned a reputation for delivering results that exceed expectations.

Driving Growth Through Pay-Per-Click Advertising :
One of the cornerstones of I Media3 Network’s success is its expertise in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Recognizing the immense potential of PPC in driving targeted traffic and maximizing ROI, I Media3 Network has honed its skills in crafting highly effective PPC campaigns that deliver measurable results.

From keyword research to ad copywriting, bid management to conversion tracking, I Media3 Network leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the success of its PPC initiatives. By leveraging advanced targeting techniques and staying abreast of the latest industry trends, I Media3 Network helps clients achieve their business objectives with precision and efficiency.

Unleashing the Power of Social Media Optimization :
In today’s digital landscape, a strong presence on social media is indispensable for brands looking to engage with their audience and foster brand loyalty. Recognizing this, I Media3 Network offers comprehensive Social Media Optimization (SMO) services designed to maximize clients’ online visibility and drive engagement.

Through a combination of strategic content creation, audience engagement, and performance analysis, I Media3 Network helps clients build thriving communities of loyal followers across various social media platforms. By staying agile and adaptable in the face of evolving algorithms and consumer behavior, I Media3 Network ensures that its clients stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of social media.

Elevating the Digital Experience: Website Development Excellence : 
In addition to its prowess in digital marketing, I Media3 Network is also renowned for its exceptional website development capabilities. With a team of seasoned designers and developers, I Media3 Network creates bespoke websites that not only captivate audiences but also drive conversions and facilitate seamless user experiences.

From responsive design to intuitive navigation, I Media3 Network’s websites are designed to reflect clients’ unique brand identities while delivering measurable results. By combining creativity with technical expertise, I Media3 Network helps clients establish a strong online presence that stands out in a crowded digital landscape.

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