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Software Development


Info Media3 Network, Delhi’s top ranked digital marketing firm offers you solutions to all your web based services, at best prices and promised results. Here is a little insight about one such facility provided by us that is software development. Software development is undeniably the most crucial aspect of any online business development. It formulates the ‘bricks’ of a successful online business and if not taken care of can affect the business prospects.

Info Media3, is the best software development firm. It provides the facility of getting the customized, top rated and effective software designed, keeping your needs and requirements in mind. We have the best deals when it comes to affordable software designing and development.

Info media3 network-Software-Development

We, at Info Media3, Delhi have developed customized software for all kinds of industries, keeping in mind their distinct needs and requirements. We are a premium software development firm based in north Delhi region. We make sure that software provided by us simplifies your workload and help you cater to your day to day schedule in the most efficient manner.

Human resource management software

The perfect combination of different functionality and reporting tools, designed to help your Human Resource Department to deliver the services effectively. We take pride in ourselves on providing you with such a tool. Our product is designed to meet the needs of any organization in human incentive industry like IT, BPO, FMCG, etc. Created for the help of HR professionals, the software helps eliminate many administrative duties, allowing them to focus on the employees and other important tasks which have far reaching impact on your organization

School management software

Schools have now become large and complex organizations, multiple levels of managements and different duties assigned to different levels, in accordance to various activities and resources. The task becomes cumbersome and consumes a lot of time, effort and resources from teachers, management and authorities. Surveys prove the fact that teachers spend more than 25% of their time in non-teaching work. With an increase in the number of students in these institutions, even routine tasks like recording attendance, providing roll numbers, fee collection, time-table creation, etc. are tedious and time consuming for the staff.

Our school management solution proves to be a boon in such a scenario. Our software has proven itself to be widely accepted and worked upon software. It is tried and tested software which helps in an effective and efficient  working of the institution. It is a way to collate all information regarding the various school activities and stake holders, manage them and act as a decision support system helping you to take quick, informed and a better decision.

Library management software

This is a comprehensive solution suitable for all type of libraries. Its flexibility enables it to be installed in a range of Library organizations, ranging from public libraries, through to academic, joint use and special libraries. One of the strengths of this software is that it has been developed using the latest technologies.

College management software

This is a software solution for managing colleges and universities. Having been developed based latest technologies; this allows you to manage your college in a very efficient way. This facilitates real-time reporting and decision making.

Hotel management software

This is an ideal software solution for the hospitality industry and can be used at hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges, hostels, etc. Our product is a comprehensive software suite consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of hotel management. This includes all the features required by a hotel, like reservation, reception (Front Office), Call Accounting, Inventory Management, accounting, etc. Our software is developed for Microsoft Windows operating system using latest technologies.

Custom software

Custom software (also known as bespoke software) is a type of software that is developed either for a specific organization or function that differs from or is opposite of other already available software (also called off-the-shelf or COTS software). It is generally not targeted to the mass market, but usually created for companies, business entities, and organizations. Custom software also refers to when companies or governments pay for customized software for budget or project managing. We have so far developed customized software for many industries.


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