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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Info Media3 Network, a Delhi based digital marketing firm, is on the threshold of establishing  itself among India’s  largest Search Engine Marketing companies, already  reaching milestone abroad. PPC or Pay Per Click advertising strategy  assures positive outcome through its simple yet effective approach, directing traffic towards ones website instantly. Not just fast it is widely popular because of  its  affordability . The costing remains the same irrespective of business size. With our strong professional framework, certified by Google Ad words, will lead  a business towards new heights. 

Info Media3 Network- Pay Per Click

Info Media3 Network, Delhi offers exclusive marketing solutions for the better growth of your business. The comprehensive internet solutions provided by us are suitable for entrepreneurs to develop their Marketing and Sales’ volume. This further gives them ample time to deal with their important tasks while we fetch incoming traffic to your website. Info Media 3 is a complete solution for Internet Marketing needs. We at Info Media 3 ensure that your SEO and Pay Per Click campaigns are managed optimally leading to effective decision making along with accurate and timely reporting. Powerful PPC campaign is adopted and managed with the support of our PPC professionals. We make sure that you lead the digital marketing revolution instead of just contributing to it.

The procedure of  establishing the technique takes place under multiple heads categorized into planning, implementing, and  analyzing.


The initial analysis to establish an effective PPC strategy serves as a benchmark and tracks progress as we work and undeniably forms the first and  foremost part of the entire process of planning. The steps that follows it are as follows-

  • Setting up of a Business objective campaign model management
  • Keyword research Excel Sheet
  • Bid rate analysis Excel Sheet
  • Monthly budget recommendation Doc Report
  • Campaign structuring Excel Sheet
  • Landing page analysis (5 Landing Pages) Excel Sheet
  • Ad creation for 5 Ad Groups (6 per Ad Group)


Campaign Setup

  • Campaign setup in Google Ad words Doc Report
  • Conversion tracking setup

Testing Phase

Result testing

  • Ad split testing Excel Sheet
  • Keyword split test Excel Sheet
  • Ad rank split test Excel Sheet
  • Conversion testing

Monthly PPC Campaign management

  • Bid management Excel Sheet
  • Keyword modification Excel Sheet
  • Testing of new ads Excel Sheet
  • ROI analysis & weekly reporting

Benefits of PPC:

  • Ideal for Short Term Advertising
  • Drives traffic instantly
  • Gives you complete control of where you can rank
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Gives you control of the keywords you want to target
  • Gives an Immediate Return on Investment

Pay Per Click campaign is a great way to attract traffic or Unique Visitors (UVs) to a site with minimal entry cost and high ROI. We at Info Media3 offer affordable PPC service support through Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, or Microsoft adCenter covering tasks such as keyword analysis, ad copywriting, search engine submission and bid monitor.

**Info Media 3, Delhi is a leading website development firm catering to the needs of various commercial projects.

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